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Gill Manly Jazz website gets a facelift...

A long time Nine Circles client has decided that 5 years is long enough for a website to stay looking the same so Gill Manly has decided that it's time for a makeover.  The website now reflects her recent appointment as a prominent DJ at Croydon Radio and has an effective news stream for her to fill with some of the exciting plans she has for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

And Nine Circles hopes to be with her supplying all her digital and marketing requirements along the way. Excellent news :)

Web domain registration cost soars as UK internet registry hikes prices by 50%

Sad news but I guess it had to happen:  Web domain registration cost soars as UK internet registry hikes prices by 50%

We are glad to say however that it is still relatively inexpensive to own a Domain Name and we at Nine Circles don't charge anything extra at all for domains registered here which are associated with our excellent value web-hosting... the hosting just £70 for a year.

Our domains are £6.99 + VAT for a and £11.99 + VAT for a .com (other domain names are available, prices on request.

So it's not all doom and gloom :)


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