What's in a Name - Why Nine Circles?

People often ask "Why Nine Circles?"
I blame this funny little chap!

Meet Danté... As I type, Danté is about 3 years old - I say "about", like a very inadequate father because when I adopted him, his details were very dubious... They told me that the puppy I was getting was a cross Pointer/Dachshund (and as a small puppy that looked feasible)... Turns out he's a Border Collie/Bassett hound so, call me sceptical but the date of birth on his passport is likely to be equally spurious!

Now, the name - Danté is named after Danté Alighieri, the poet and author of The Divine Comedy, a long narrative poem and it documents his own descent through the "nine circles of hell" in order to get to heaven...

...i'd like to thank whoever named him as it couldn't be more perfect... I won't relay the unpleasant tale of how he was found (unless you ask me) and his "stories of hell" but with the help of two foster families on his journey from Romania, through Croatia to me, he has definitely found his "heaven".

And to think, before him I didn't even like dogs!  And yes, I did consider "Danté Designs" and "One Man And His Dog" but decided they were too "on the nose".


About Nine Circles Design

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